It’s Time to Revise Our Hearts


Our heart is very sensitive, it is the place where our desire stays. We are at the age where we are not thinking what we are doing to satisfy that desires. Its time for us to revise our hearts, our legacy and nature so we ensure our successors will derive good human qualities from us.

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How I see myself in the tree life cycle

A fruit tree life cycle is a good example to explain our legacy and the future of society. Good fruit forwards good genetic data inside their seeds. Seeds with good genetic data inherit sweetness, fragrance, and quality from their parents.
I am that fruit now. Whatever good and bad qualities I have inherited from my ancestor society are not forwarded yet. Currently, I am in charge of them. It’s me who can give good things to my successor society.
There was a time I was not at existence. Now I am at existence and for sure one day I will be no more, again. I don’t want to pass this 50–60 yrs life just copying livings around me...

I want to revise myself, for the better version of me in my children's.

It's time to revise our hearts

The heart is your imaginary place where our loved things stay. If you let love for the bad things inside, good things will get out automatically. For sure the heart is uncontrollable. You can guide it the right way by using our brain. By revising it.

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