Shameplant | Minosa pudica at Sayyad Farm [2019]

The shame plant is one of the interesting plants. Its green is attractive to our eyes. They look very green in the rainy season.
I was just going to my uncle's home, and while my eyes detected sone different type of weed next to the path. I went to it.  I was already knowledged about it and I immediately identified it.
And what touching and shying game started. I was very excited to tell others so I captured the above video.
Animated Image of Shyplant

This kind of plant is most common in near jungle cultivated farming land. Many people plant them into the flower pot. Its seeds are now available online for urban citizens. They can plant it in their own homes.

 If you want to grow it at your home you can see wiki how tutorial: How to Grow a Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica)

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