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Is Imran R.A a Prophet in Islam

Imran is a name that is often used in Muslim cultures, and it is also the name of a figure in Islamic history who is said to be the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus. However,

Discussing : Why Imran Khan Removed as PM

Imran Khan, the former cricketer and leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018 after winning a majority in

Why Imran Khan left Bollywood? Is it true?

Imran Khan, the charming Bollywood actor who won hearts with his boyish looks and natural acting skills, suddenly disappeared from the limelight in 2015. Fans were left wondering

Mustard Oil and the parts on India where it is widely used

Mustard oil, also known as sarson ka tel, is a type of vegetable oil that is widely used in India for cooking and other purposes. The oil is extracted from mustard seeds and has a

The world of “Narrow-minded” people

Who are narrow-minded people? Narrow-minded people are those who are unwilling to consider new ideas or viewpoints that differ from their own. They tend to be closed-minded and

The Internet has grown faster than me and my imagination.

The beginning It was a time we used to operate a computer on CRT monitors. And it was common in developed countries to have a personal computer at home. But here in India, it

Shameplant | Minosa pudica at Sayyad Farm [2019]

The shame plant is one of the interesting plants. Its green is attractive to our eyes. They look very green in the rainy season.I was just going to my uncle’s home, and my eyes

If you don’t believe in God, will he make life harder for you?

It depends on what you are doing as a human,God has no problem if one refuses to worship him during his whole lifetime. Because you cant hurt God anyway. God will fulfill his…

It’s Time to Revise Our Hearts

Our heart is very sensitive, it is the place where our desire stays. We are at the age where we are not thinking what we are doing to satisfy that desires. Its time for us to

A Blog Dedicated To My Town- Kokangaon

Alhamdulillah,very long time ago when i was learning the basics of the blogging. I have created dedicated online blog for my town Kokangaon. I will try to create online community

Masjid-Al-Aqsa – I Wish to Visit Once Before Leaving This World

All people in the world know that all the Muslims pray facing toward the Kaaba, Makkah. No matter where Muslims live, their prays can’t complete without facing Kaaba. Every

Most Awaited Ring – Made From Aqeeq | Agate Stone

There was a time Muslim appearance was considered as Surma in eyes, the cap on head, grown beard, long kurta pyjama dress and 1-2 rings on fingers. I would like to talk &
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