I’m Sayyad Imran

This is my blog, it is about 💗LIFE, and how it l👀ks from my side.

It is the fact and I know it very well that I am not any distinct special personality. But like everyone else, I have my own view of life. I have earned it by experiencing various aspects of life. I have met thousands of people, lived with them, heard their life stories. Those experiences made an impact on my own life and changed my view toward life.

I think,

I feel very comfortable and passionate talking to people face to face about various things, where life is at the top. And this blog helped me to get to the next level.

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My websites and publications:

1. Techies Diary

This blog is to solve tech-life problems that everyone faces. Its motive is to provide online resources to make people’s tech life better. Here at Techies Diary blog, I am sharing all those problems which I have solved. 

2. Online Business Guide: 

A blog that provides online resources to ” Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur, Start Your Online Blog, Business, Website, Store To Make Profit From The Internet “.

3. Hindi Wire

 Website in the Hindi language, to provide great stories, news, articles, and information.

4. Imran Sayyad’s Blog

A blog about LIFE , and how it looks from my side.

5. Medium Blogs

6. Popular Q&A discussion Website Profiles

7. Published Apps / Repository

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